Our Programs.

Here at the Partnership, we do more than just give out grants. We are actively working to make our neighborhoods stronger, by providing Enhanced Services and spearheading major Transformational Projects.

Enhanced Services.

The baseline services provided by the city are often not enough to meet the needs of residents. That’s why we are stepping in to cover the gap, making our neighborhoods noticeably more livable.

While we haven’t fully determined all the services we will provide, we have made a major commitment to parks and public spaces. And we have set an audacious goal: to have the best parks in Baltimore. Period. Because our neighborhoods deserve them.

Transformational Projects.

We don’t just want our communities to improve. We want them to thrive. And this means seizing major opportunities to create dramatic change wherever possible. We call these Transformational Projects.

It is our job to find these opportunities, to nurture them, and to build the coalitions needed to make them a reality. Our Transformational Projects are significant in both size and scope. They have profound implications for the District, and often require years of work alongside key partners. But they are worth the wait.

We are not here just to spend money. We are here to be a catalyst for change.