The South Baltimore Gateway Partnership is pleased to share our progress and report on our activity during the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2019. This quarterly report also serves as an update to the FY18 South Baltimore Gateway Partnership Financial Plan and to the FY19 South Baltimore Gateway Partnership Financial Plan.

During the past quarter and year, SBGP has worked hard to build the internal infrastructure needed for a professional and well-managed organization. SBGP’s priority has been to get money out the door and into its communities in a way that is strategic, disciplined, equitable and well-documented. SBGP is proud to report that:

  • To date, SBGP has committed over $3.5 million to over 100 projects across the District, ranging from small community grants to large capital projects.
  • In addition, SBGP is funding $2,780,000 in parks and public space enhancements across the District. Governed by the multi-year Implementation Plan for Enhanced Services that SBGP developed last year, these funds should (at long last) formally appear on SBGP’s financial statements in the next quarter, once the Board of Estimates has approved a series of master funding agreements.
  • In addition to the nearly $500,000 worth of grants awarded this quarter, which are described in greater detail below, SBGP is also planning to announce an additional $500,000 of grant awards scheduled for the Spring.
  • SBGP is actively cultivating, reviewing and assessing potential Transformational Projects it expects to undertake in the future. These complex projects take a long time to develop, often proceeding in multiple stages. For example, SBGP has already committed $1 million for the Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center at Cherry Hill, but may be receiving an additional request of up to $1.2 million for the project once the final budget is complete. Similarly, the $100,000 down payment SBGP has allocated towards the Middle Branch Waterfront Master Plan is likely to be followed with subsequent requests to create and implement the plan.
  • These funds are being distributed in a manner consistent with SBGP’s well-established commitment to equity.

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