The South Baltimore Gateway Partnership is pleased to share our progress and report on our activity during the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year 2018. This quarterly report also serves as an update to the FY18 South Baltimore Gateway Partnership Financial Plan.

During the past quarter, SBGP has continued to achieve great successes. SBGP continued managing the Community Grants awarded in the first quarter, announced its Winter 2018 grant awards, and prepared for its third cycle of Community Grants to open next quarter. The implementation of Enhanced Services accelerated, following the completion of the comprehensive Implementation Plan for improvements to parks, recreation centers and public spaces across the South Baltimore Gateway District last quarter. SBGP also announced several free Summer 2018 youth sports leagues in Carroll Park and Lakeland Park in partnership with the Parks and People Foundation, VoloCity Kids Foundation, BCRP and Friends of Carroll Park. In addition, SBGP continued administering a Transformational Project commitment to the construction of the Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center at Cherry Hill, and the Parks and People Foundation was engaged as the project manager and launched the first phase of the effort to create a comprehensive design and implementation plan for a continuous system of paths and parks along the Middle Branch waterfront.

Meanwhile, SBGP hired for three new, permanent staff positions – Community Grants Director, Enhanced Services Director, and Operations Director – and continued to build the internal infrastructure and to develop policies and procedures for a professional and well-managed organization.

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