SBGP Announces $900,000 CDC Operating Support Fund

Community News

SBGP is excited to announce a $900,000 Operating Support Fund for local Community Development Corporations (CDCs) serving the District! Under its Strategic Plan, SBGP aims to help neighborhoods attract community-centered investment. This includes supporting our nonprofit partners working at the neighborhood level to drive the market in accordance with community priorities. Based on this goal and many conversations with neighborhood leaders and stakeholders, SBGP is launching this $900,000 CDC Operating Support Fund.

The first step in the application and selection process is to submit a brief Letter of Interest, which will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. The deadline for submitting Letters of Interests is January 31, 2019 by 5:00 pm.  


1. Submit a brief Letter of Interest (no more than two pages) using SBGP’s web portal. All Letters of Interest must be submitted electronically. (Paper-based or emailed applications will NOT be accepted.) Letters of Interest will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until January 31, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

2. Based on the eligibility and selection criteria, SBGP will then invite eligible organizations to submit a formal application within 120 days. Applications will also be reviewed on a rolling basis.

SBGP anticipates awarding funds to three CDCs, but we reserve the right to amend the number of awards and award amounts, depending on demand and the quality of applications. SBGP may announce additional rounds of funding if we do not select three CDCs to receive awards in this round and/or additional funding is available.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to download and review the CDC Operating Support Fund Program Guidelines before submitting a letter of interest online.

For assistance, please contact our Community Grants Director, Acacia Asbell, or our Technical Support Officer, Amy Bernstein.